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About Freestyle Me


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Freestyle for the New Millennium

Brief discription of this site

Basically this is an unofficial spin-off from "Wild 94.9's earthquake mixes" which for some reason they stopped airing. Anyway, the main purpose of this site was to offer my friends a different approach to freestyle. Surprisingly, most of them never heard of this stuff before or --> thought it was dead. So I started by putting together compilations of my favorite songs and before you know it .. this is the result. Another thing, I don't claim to be a DJ. You wanna check out some DJ's, check out Tim Spinnin, Luis Mendoza, or To Kool Chris. Now they got some bad ass mixes.

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What is Freestyle?

What is NOT Freestyle.

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The songs, remixes, and clips you find here could not have been made possible if it weren't for personalities like: Tommy Nguyen, Tony Ramos, Tim Spinnin Schommer, To Kool Chris, Bad Boy Joe, ScottT, Luis Mendoza, Paradise, Euphorik, Johnny B., Sicsol, Felony, Refugee, Jazzy Jim, Delirious, Aztek, Romeo, Momo, Jonathon Peters, and of course the Artists themselves... OAK