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EarthQuake Mix5


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EarthQuake Mix (part1)

This was more of compilation than a mix.

NYASIA - I'm the one
PURE PLEAZURE - only you
LAURA - only in my dreams
WILLIE VALENTINE (Tim Spinnin Mixes)
TRISH - don't know why
GIGI D'AGOSTINO - L'amour Toujours
IRENE - miracles
BABYDOLL - always & forever
LIL SUZY - just can't get over you


Current Playlist:

ALVENDIA - always on my mind
BERNARDO - why did you quit on me
BRANDON - destiny
JEANETTE - don't ever go away
JOLEEN - missing you
JULISSA - I must go on
LISA MONACO - waiting for you
LORENZO D'LAN - with all of my heart
MICHAEL ANTHONY - express your feelings
MIGUEL REYES - feels like the first time
MYSTIE - have I lost you
S-FACTOR - hard to get
SAMANTHA - be sure
SAMMY C - if you wanted to love me
SOLID - loving you
T.I.M. - baby I want you
YANDA - stay with me
VLA - I gave my heart

and more to come or go [e-mail me with any recommendations]



The songs, remixes, and clips you find here could not have been made possible if it weren't for personalities like: Tommy Nguyen, Tony Ramos, Tim Spinnin Schommer, To Kool Chris, ScottT, Luis Mendoza, Paradise, Euphorik, Johnny B., Sicsol, Felony, Refugee, Jazzy Jim, Delirious, Aztek, Romeo, Jonathon Peters, and of course the Artists themselves... OAK