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EarthQuake Mix 4


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01 INTRO - check it out

02) BOBBY LEAL - on more chance *
03) CHASE - forget me not

04) MICHELLE LEE - it was you

05) a7 - piece of heaven

06) JULISSA - why did you

07) CHRISTINA MARIE - turning away
08) NINA BENA - sweetheart
09) SAFIRE & MORE - heartthrob classics (tkc)
10) MICHELLE DIAZ - I won't cry for you
11) FREESYSTEM - this love not right for you
12) SERENA PARIS - just about enough
13) BOBBY DELANTE - mirage
14) LEGACY - girls do it just for fun
15) EMOTION in MOTION - shining star
16) EMOTION in MOTION - forever
17) SPANISH FLY - treasure of my heart

18) LAW - missing your love

19) IRENE - miracles
20) JULISSA - I must go on
21) FELIX - leave it all behind
22) DJ PAULY - what am I to do

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download this mix at Audiogalaxy
download this mix at Audiogalaxy

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Freestyle Me

deep freestyle

Track 05

Everybody who I speak with seems to want 'new' freestyle these days. That's why I added some newer sounds by
Rockell, Sarina Paris, Christina Marie, & Julissa. But I still believe the hardest hitters are the old skool jams. For example, check out the last song of the INTRO ........Bobby Leal - one more chance (1995). So my advice to you is the best new songs are the ones you haven't even heard yet.

Bobby Leal Interview: c/o Tony Ramos

Issue 21

* BOBBY LEAL Interview: c/o Tony Ramos thewizardsfreestyle

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